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Sleeping Cat Creations
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania United States
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    Harrisburg Pennsylvania, United States
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    I've been sewing for more than 40 years. My mother was a professional seamstress, and she taught me to sew at a young age.

    I began by sewing my own clothes (as well as clothes for my dolls and Barbies). I sewed all my own clothes through junior and high school and into college. When I married, I sewed curtains for every room in our house and set about learning to make slipcovers and do upholstery.

    I took a basic quilting class through my local Viking sewing dealer. The instructor quit halfway through the class, but I was lucky enough to get some help later that summer from a quilting instructor at Mid-Appalachian Quilters (MAQ). The year was 2003 or 2004 (I didn't know then to put a label on my quilts!).

    Since then, I've taken dozens of classes, attended many quilt shows, and some of my quilts have won awards, including a Best of Show at the Frederick Fair in 2007 for my interpretation of McKenna Ryan’s Storybook Farm pattern.

    I began teaching quilting in 2006 at my local Joann's store. I have since taught at several quilt guilds and teach at local quilt shops. I also give lectures and present trunk shows.

    I have made quilts in many styles, but my focus these days is making "memory" quilts--quilts made from clothing, that contain photos or other mementos, or that are made for a special occasion.

    In my business these days, I make quilts and design original quilt patterns.

    Contact me to discuss your special commission! I'd love to make you a unique quilt.
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